Here at Lawn Street, we offer our client the ease of booking our services at the tip of their fingers. We hire experienced lawn care professionals so you will only be expecting a premium service from us.

When comparing costs to our competitors, we have value added benefits for our customers.

These are our benefits:

1. Discounts for loyal customers
We offer discounts for our loyal clients that book regularly for our services.

1. Up-front pricing
We will give you an up-front quote via the website. The fixed quote is what you will be charged, there isn’t any extra costs from what has been quoted.

2. Quick seamless online booking service
Our website will provide you with the benefit of booking our services online at the ease from your phone or computer.

3. No hidden costs, up-sell or contracts
What you get quoted is what you will just pay for. There won’t be any hidden charges, up-selling or contracts to sign.

4. 100% safe and secure online payment
With our secured online encrypted payment system, you can rest assured that all your details are safe and secured with us. 

5. No cash needed. 

All payments are processed online; you won’t need to deal with the hassle of cash payments with us. Everything from booking and payment is done online at your convenience. 

Imagine how the right layout transforms your outdoor space, offers you protection from the elements, and gives you the privacy you desire at home. We work with you to design an outdoor space that you can’t help but want to spend a lot of time in.


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