Spring is a time for renewal. It provides the perfect opportunity for you to do some much-needed cleaning around the yard. There is no better time to start working with Lawnstreet for mowing services and spring lawn cleaning because doing so sets the tone for the way your lawn looks for the remainder of the year.

How Our Lawn Care Services Benefit You

Our goal is to work with you to keep your yard clean and clutter-free longer. That’s why we wanted to provide you with some tips that help make the process easier and less stressful for you. If you haven’t put much thought into Lawnstreet services, now is the time to develop a working relationship with us to get your yard looking as good as the rest of your property does.


Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier, More Attractive Lawn

Here are eight crucial spring cleaning tips you can’t overlook:

Declutter high traffic areas so that they’re ready to use once again. Rubbish removal remains essential in parts of the yard that see a lot of people. If you want to avoid trips and falls, you’ll declutter the area by getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong on the lawn, so it’s free of debris and clutter.

Schedule your first spring lawn cleaning service. It gets you into the habit of asking for assistance when you need it most. We know how busy your schedule is. Let us help you with one area of cleaning and maintenance that we’re well-versed in doing.

Invest in green waste removal for organic materials. Prevent natural debris from taking up space in the landfill. Invest in our green waste removal services where we bag up organic matter and haul it off for you, so you’re not concerned with it.

Clean your home’s gutters. Get rid of all debris such as twigs and leaves that prevent water from flowing freely off your roof to the ground below. If you’re not sure how to do the task on your own, find someone to hire that can do it for you. It’s especially important after the winter to clean the gutters because of all the rain spring brings.

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Power wash your waste bins and allow them to dry completely before filling them again. Get rid of nasty smells and unwanted waste products stuck to your trashcans. Give them a good clean and allow the bins to dry before you put bagged garbage into them again. If you refrain from placing anything into the receptacle that isn’t in a trash bag, you’ll avoid needing to clean the cans often.

Tidy up your shed and take inventory of your equipment and tools. Sweep floors, dust cobwebs, hang up tools and make sure that all of your lawn equipment works so it’s ready to use when you need it. If someone has borrowed your hedge clippers or rake, now is the time to ask them for the items back because you’ll need the tools to keep your yard looking great between our services.

Wash and dry all cushions and pillows for your outdoor furniture. Even if you stored them in bags during the winter, they could use some freshening. A nice clean in the washing machine does the trick. They’ll look and smell as good as new in no time.

Take advantage of rubbish removal services for larger items that you no longer need. Some cities offer a citywide clean-up day where you can put larger items on the curb for the sanitation crew to pick up. Doing so keeps you from needing to take a trip to the dump to offload non-working appliances, old furniture, and other items that won’t fit in a standard trash bin.


There are many ways that you can usher in spring. Working on your yard is a great place to start. It allows you to maintain the beautiful appearance of your home and lawn while preparing it for gardening and other outdoor activities you enjoy.

Now is the time to start drafting your to-do list so you can make sure everything you’ve done everything in time for the new season. It goes by quickly, and you don’t want to waste a precious second, not being able to use your lawn the way you want to. With our assistance, you’ll have your yard looking impeccable like it did before fall and winter set in.

Make Us a Part of Your Yearly Spring Cleaning Routine

Lawnstreet offers services that you can’t resist that significantly improve the look of your lawn. Prepare for spring by investing in mowing services. Spring lawn cleaning enhances the curb appeal of your property dramatically in as few as one service appointment. Let us know how we can help you achieve your lawn care goals this season by contacting us right away.

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