Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn Lawn Care

As summer turns to autumn, the need for raking your yard increases. All the new life that appeared in spring sheds, making room for the final season of winter. Knowing how to care for your lawn during the fall helps you minimize the amount of work needing to be done during the colder weather months of the year. By familiarizing yourself with autumn care, you’re able to make fast work of cleaning up the biggest lawn.

This guide serves as a reference point for you as you learn to master your yard’s needs throughout the different seasons. Autumn presents a new level of challenges as the days become shorter and the nights become longer. Without as much sunlight to work with, it can be challenging to keep your grass, shrubs, and gardens looking great with the introduction of the new season.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Autumn Care of Your Lawn

There are two things that stand out about fall. The first is the shorter days. That makes growing some plant and flower varieties difficult at best. The next is the shedding of the old life. Trees lose their leaves and flowers need to be dead-headed so that they’ll grow again the next year.

The do’s of autumn care include:

  • Continuing to water your grass as you did in the spring and summer.
  • Mowing your lawn using the lowest blade setting to keep the grass short during the fall.
  • Apply fertilizer after aerating the ground.
  • Rake leaves and clean up yard debris.

The don’ts are as follows in the fall:

  • Do not neglect bald spots on the lawn.
  • Refrain from forgetting to address weeds while you can.
  • Do not allow grass to grow too high.
  • Do not dispose of organic matter in your trash receptacle when it can be recycled.

There are plenty of reasons to keep up with your lawn during the cooler months of fall. It allows you to get a head start on the spring and prevents you from having an even bigger mess to clean in the winter. The conditions outdoors lend to a more pleasant experience than in summer, too, because temps aren’t near as hot as they were during the previous season.

Why Hiring a Professional is Better Than DIYing Yourself

Although you may save money attempting to care for your lawn by yourself, you could very well cost yourself more in the long run if you were to do a technique incorrectly. Hiring a professional lawn service such as Lawn Street ensures that your lawn is handled with the utmost of care during fall. You can use a variety of our services to keep your yard looking excellent in autumn.

You have greener disposal options.

Paying for green clean-up services keeps degradable waste products from entering the landfill. A clearer conscience is one of the advantages of working with us. You won’t be causing the planet unnecessary harm because the techniques that we utilize are better for the environment. We offer greener disposal of your yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves.

You free up time in your schedule.

The time savings that take place when you hire a professional are measurable, too. After all, unless you possess more than the basic knowledge of caring for a lawn, you’re at a disadvantage. A professional is able to apply their training, experience, skills, and knowledge to caring for your yard so it looks fantastic and remains healthy year-round. A better-looking lawn increases the value of your property by giving it curb appeal throughout the four seasons.

Hiring someone else to do more than basic upkeep for you saves you time, money, and the frustration of incorrectly caring for your lawn. Staying on top of general maintenance practices makes our job easier so we applaud you for keeping up with the mowing and raking of the lawn if you choose to do it yourself.

Make Lawn Care a Priority in Autumn

Prioritizing lawn care in autumn makes it easier for you to tend to your yard in the spring. Winter isn’t as harsh because you’ve taken the time to address the issues needing attention during the fall. Applying the tips above makes it easier for you to maintain a beautiful outdoor space for your enjoyment year-round.