General gardening services

A well-maintained garden provides an eco-friendly look and feel to your home and increases the value of your property. We can provide general gardening services to suit your home and transform it into something spectacular.


If you want to keep your garden well maintained, pruning is an essential step. Pruning removes branches, buds and roots from plants or trees to help encourage growth and many more benefits. Includes: healthier looking plants, discourage insects and pests, controlling and directing growth and restricts growth where isn’t desirable.


There are many advantages of health and value benefits of planting:

Cleans the air and help you breathe by absorbing polluted air and releasing oxygen. Planting is good for mental and physical health by reducing stress and anxiety. Prevent soil erosion and preventing the potential for flooding. It’s estimated that a neat and tidy garden will increase your home’s value.

If you’re looking into transforming your garden into something more spectacular or just want a change in landscape, we are here to help. Our friendly professionals will assist you in planting or nurturing your trees or flowers to make it grow to its best potential.

Professional Advice

Our professionals will also give guidance and advice on how to maintain your garden to its healthiest state. The key to a perfect lawn is mowing regularly as possible. Generally, every 1-2 weeks in summer and 2-3 weeks in autumn and spring.

In general, prevention is most certainly better than cure and this also apply to lawn care. Regularly maintaining a healthy lawn not only gives and clean and green beautiful lawn to enjoy, but also naturally prevents diseases occurring.

The number one cause of lawn disease is watering during late afternoon or night time. Contrary to popular beliefs, water plants later at night causes more harm to lawns. Best time to water the lawn is when the sun has risen.

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