Lawn Mowing & edging

A well-maintained lawn can add many benefits to your home from cosmetic benefits, safety and to the value of your property.

Keeping a fresh and tidy lawn can emphasise your personality and reflects your taste and pride. A nicely mowed lawn is soothing and pleasant to your eyes and neighbours or visitors.

The most important practice to keep your lawn healthy and attractive is properly mowing it on a regular basis. Just like any other plants, the grass clippings need to be mowed off as it grows higher. When the grass branches out and becomes taller and thicker, it will become difficult to mow. Hence, regularly mowing your lawn is an essential road to a healthier lawn.

Lawn Clipping Removal

Removal of lawn clippings from mowing will give the lawn a clean and crispy finish to your home and garden. We recommend removing lawn clippings for move in/move out of home for a tidy look for the new homeowners.

Lawn Mulching

This method is done by leaving the lawn clippings from mowing into the lawn and will have many benefits for a healthy lawn. It provides nutrients for the soil, the clippings will release nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus as they break down. This technique can save time and labour, also more eco friendly than bagging the clippings.

However, only small clippings can be mulched. To avoid thick grass clippings on the lawn, it is recommended to mow the lawn frequently and consistently, so the clippings do not turn into thatch.


Edging creates a crisp and clean look to the lawn by emphasizing the lines around your garden bed and turn it into a beautiful lawn.

This process decreases trimming time. Depending on the type of your grass, edging may only need to be done once every few months. Once done, you won’t need to worry about trimming the edges which can take the longest.

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