As an avid gardener, you know that every season brings a new list of things to do outdoors. Autumn is the ideal time to take on a few projects because of the beautiful weather it provides. You won’t get overheated working outside the way you do in the summer.

The following eight tips help you prepare your garden for autumn. That way, you’re able to enjoy a beautiful bounty year-round.

Clean up dead plant matter and grass clippings to give your garden a fresh start for the season.

You’ll find that it’s best to rake and bag organic debris just as soon as you discover it. It doesn’t become an afterthought at the last minute. You’ll have a clear space to work in, and your plants will continue to thrive throughout the months of autumn.


Remove all weeds, so they don’t crowd out your plants.

Weeds require sunshine, water, and nutrients to grow, too. Rather than have them crowd out your vegetables and herbs, why not remove them from your flower beds entirely? You won’t be worried about them destroying your chosen plants’ chances of growth.

Prune trees and perennials.

Herbs and fruit-bearing bushes and trees need pruning. They can continue to grow in the future. Raspberry and blackberry bushes deserve extra attention. You’ll be able to get as much fruit as you can when they’ve ripened.

Harvest vegetables before deciding to till the soil.

You’ll want to make sure that you get all of the veggies your garden produced pulled out of the ground, washed, and stored so you and your family can enjoy them. Tilling the soil disturbs the roots of the plants. If you remove the food that you’ve grown first, you’ll lose less of it. You don’t want to waste what you’ve spent weeks growing.

Apply mulch to protect the soil.

Keeping fertilized soil free of diseases, pests, and weeds is a priority. It allows you to create a more fertile environment for the plants that you do decide to grow throughout the year. Mulch is a great way to create a natural barrier that allows the plants to get the nutrients they need from the fertilizer you used. You can use grass clippings, wood chips, and even pine needles as mulch.


Plant fall crops a month before the first frost.

It gives the plants a chance to grow before the temps drop. You don’t need to worry about the cold killing off your vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the freshest produce to cook with right away. You’ll have a good amount of time to grow and harvest your favorite root veggies.

Turn off your irrigation system for good before the temperatures drop.

Water doesn’t freeze and damage your sprinkler system. You’ll be able to continue to use it during the warmer months of the year. People often forget to disconnect their hoses or empty them of water before the weather changes. What ends up happening is that they need to replace the damaged hoses and sprinkler heads because of their negligence.

Put away your gardening tools and lawn equipment where they won’t rust.

It’s time to put the lawnmower, pruning shears, rake, and hand trowel away. You won’t need them again until spring and don’t want to take a risk by having them get wet, rust, and become unusable. Protecting your tools and equipment helps you have what you need to maintain your garden throughout the year without incurring additional expenses.

As you can see, there are many ways to get your garden ready for autumn. Doing so increases the amount of produce you grow because you’ll have the ideal environment for the plants to grow in. You’ll have a much easier time during the winter, too, because you’ll have taken precautionary measures to protect your soil, tools, and lawn equipment from extreme weather.


A Beautiful Autumn Garden is Possible If You’re Not Afraid of Hard Work

Prepare your garden for autumn by following the advice listed above. You’ll be able to reap the rewards of your hard work when you produce more fruits, vegetables, and herbs than you ever have before. A little extra effort is well worth the investment. When you’re cooking in your kitchen, you’ll appreciate your garden even more.

5 Replies to “8 Tips to Prepare Your Garden For Autumn”

  1. Awesome information – very insightful. I really appreciate the time you took out to educate us on the importance of maintaining our lawn during Autumn. We recently started our new Lawn mowing company and stumbled across your blog!

    Just taking some time out of our day to tend to our lawn makes such a massive contribution in the long-term – less overall maintenance and more longevity. Especially during covid times means more time for our garden upkeep!

    Keep up with the amazing blog posts – loving it.

  2. I love this! Simple and easy steps to take care of my lawn especially during autumn with all the leaves falling… always clogs my gutter. Thank you!

  3. As the leaves start to change and we prepare for much of our garden to go dormant in just a few short months, planting might not be the first thing on your mind this fall. Most of us consider planting a spring activity, and while that remains true, the cool, comfortable temperatures of autumn provide great conditions for many plants! The key is knowing what you can plant, and when!

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