If you’re going to grow a garden, you’re going to need tools. Without them, you’ll experience great difficulty planting, tilling, weeding, and watering your plants and flowers throughout the season. If you’ve never purchased gardening tools before in the past, you’ll want to create a list. That way, you know exactly what to buy to prepare your garden to bloom.

This guide to must have essential tools was designed to make your life easier. It highlights the most sought-after pieces of basic garden equipment so you know what you need to grow the most beautiful garden to-date. With that task off your to-do list, all you’ll need to do is choose what you want to grow and get busy planting.

A beautiful, thriving garden awaits you this season!


Gardening Tools

Tools come in many different varieties and price ranges. They can be purchased individually and in some cases, be sold as sets. Carefully examining the tools helps you avoid buying ones that aren’t made to last a long time. Noticing the construction of each one as well as how ergonomic they are makes a difference that dictates how often you’ll be able to use them.

Some of the standard tools you’ll want to own include:

  • A trowel. Used to dig, transfer, and smooth dirt, this essential tool is one you’ll find yourself using often especially during the planting stage. It’s a small enough tool to keep in a garden apron.
  • Pruning shears. Snipping off dead leaves helps encourage new growth and can be done quickly with a good pair of sharp shears. Pruning plants regularly ensures that they’re able to thrive.
  • A hose/watering can. Water is essential for plant growth and these two tools make it easy to cover a large amount of garden in a short amount of time. You can use the hose to fill the watering can to get to those hard-to-reach areas of the yard.
  • Garden rake. This item is used for removing small sticks and dead leaves from flower beds and vegetable gardens. Having Lawnstreet pick up your garden waste keeps it out of the landfill and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.
  • Shovel. Digging holes in the earth become much more efficient with a sturdy shovel with a comfortable handle. Planting and relocating plants is easy because of the broad base of the tool.

This is the start of the basic tools you’ll want for your garden. A trowel, pair of pruning shears, hose/watering can, and garden rake can help you transform parts of your yard into places to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Having a special place inside your garage or shed to keep all your tools for the garden saves you time and energy by preventing you from searching all over for them.

Tools to Make Gardening Easier

Certain tools are nice to have. They aren’t necessarily as essential as the aforementioned trowel, pruning shears, hose/watering can, garden rake, and shovel. They do, however, make it easier to spend more time in the yard doing gardening work because they protect your body from injury and supply the garden with a constant supply of water via sprinkler.

Other tools that make gardening easier are:

  • Gardening gloves. Protect your hands from blisters, splinters, and calluses. A good pair of gloves see you through many hours of gardening.
  • A kneeling pad. Keeps your knees from getting sore while weeding and planting. Best of all, it’s easy to clean so that you continue using it year-round.
  • A sprinkler. Set up a timer so that it waters the grass even when you’re not home. You can control how much water your plants and flowers get each day.
  • A wheelbarrow. Haul dirt and fertilizer from one end of the yard to the next. Reduce the amount of time it takes to transfer bags of topsoil and plant food by half.
  • A hand held weeder. Allows you to remove weeds, roots and all, from your garden bed quickly. You won’t see as many of them popping up when you have one of these tools on hand.

Again, these items aren’t as essential as the first list of tools but they certainly are useful. Rather than break your back digging, hauling, and weeding, you’ll be able to finish the work in half the time. That means less stress and more results for you thanks to the wheelbarrow, kneeling pad, hand held weeder, and gardening gloves you now own.

What Lawn Street Can Do for You

Knowing which types of tools you need for your lawn can be tiresome. That’s one of the things that makes Lawn Street’s gardening services ideal. You don’t need to own them all because we have them on hand for our lawn experts to use. You’re also not forced to find a place to store the items especially if you don’t have a spare room in a garage or shed for dozens of tools.

In addition to providing various lawn care services, we can also help you get your garden into shape for planting. Leaving the tilling, pruning, weeding, and watering to us makes it so you can focus on other things around the yard. When you pay us to do the work for you, you’re able to relax and enjoy your garden more.


Hire Our Professional Lawn Care Services Today

If you don’t already own the aforementioned tools and don’t want to be responsible for acquiring and storing them, you’re in luck. We own everything needed to keep your lawn and garden looking its best year-round. That means less stress and cost for you in the long run. Paying for tools you’ll seldom use or need extra space to keep them isn’t beneficial. Working with us, however, is!

Contact us today to schedule lawn and gardening services with us right away. We’ll have your garden looking beautiful again in a matter of no time. You’ll be able to enjoy the end result when you see your plants and flowers bloom. In fact, it will be hard to resist picking your favorite varieties of flora to make arrangements out of for the home.

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  1. Before buying the tools, Think yourself what type lawn and garden you are got and also what type of plant grow in the garden. Then buying the tools for garden.

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